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Healthcare beds needed:
Hospitality providers are ready to help.

#hospitalityhelps connects healthcare and government agencies with lodging providers ready to supply beds in this time of need.



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For healthcare and government agencies with a current or anticipated need for beds.
For lodging providers with available rooms and beds to supply agencies in need.

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Our Mission

From: Adam Harris & Richard Castle - Co-Founders of Cloudbeds

Subject: COVID-19: You have beds, the healthcare system needs you!

As individuals and as business owners, we recognize the deep impact that COVID-19 is having on all our communities, and our hearts go out to everyone whose health has been affected by the virus itself. This is an unprecedented time for our society and for the hospitality industry.

We are working to connect our customers and industry partners to government and healthcare agencies that require desperate assistance. With urgency, we are calling on you, our community of hoteliers, to come together to address this shortage of healthcare beds.

How can you help?

Beds are needed as field hospitals, for quarantine, for social distancing, and for our health professionals who are being called into action from all corners of the globe.

If you would like to make your property available for use, please submit your information using the form below.

We are part of an amazing community of hospitality operators. Our industry is hurting, but in times like these, we can come together to make a difference. We are stronger together when #hospitalityhelps!

On behalf of everyone at Cloudbeds, we wish you health and safety.

Adam Harris, Founder, CEO
Richard Castle, Founder, COO

What is the goal of the #HospitalityHelps program?

Healthcare agencies and providers are experiencing - or soon will experience - a severe shortage in beds for patients. In the midst of this shortage, hotel occupancy is at an all-time low. #HospitalityHelps’ mission is to create a centralized bed repository to address this shortfall and connect properties to healthcare agencies desperate for assistance.

What will you do with the data I submit?

Cloudbeds will not sell or monetize your data in any way, we will not use your data for any marketing purposes. We will only use this data as part of the #HospitalityHelps initiative, which may involve sharing details with applicable third parties (Federal / State / Local Governments, Hospital / Healthcare entities, etc.).

Does submitting this form require my participation in this program?

No. Submitting this form lets us know that you are open to being contacted, but it does not bind or pre-commit you to providing resources in any manner. You can contact us at any time to opt out of this program.

I’ve just submitted the #HospitalityHelps form. What happens next?

Firstly, thank you for expressing your interest. In doing so, you are joining an amazing group of hospitality operators willing to help those in need. Your information will be added to our secure central repository of #HospitalityHelps properties, which will be shared with governments and healthcare agencies only. Based on factors such as property size and location, you may be contacted to explore how your property can assist in this crisis. Whether you are called upon to host or not, by signing up your property you are providing a valuable resource to your community in this extraordinary time of need.

What types of properties can participate in this program?

We are currently accepting all property types. Although cities and agencies are currently prioritizing properties with 100 or more beds, smaller properties may be called upon as the situation continues to rapidly evolve. We want to be prepared for this demand.

What types of occupants should I prepare to house?

Healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, and first responders; People directly affected by COVID-19; People not infected by COVID-19 but who necessitate in-patient care; Family members needing to be in proximity to loved ones receiving care. This can be clarified in your conversation with your agency / provider.

Are there any special preparations I must make for #HospitalityHelps occupants?

Crisis response teams are making decisions by the minute. Make yourself readily available, check your messages regularly, and be ready to answer questions about your property, facilities, staff, availability, and anything else that may be relevant.

Will I get paid for housing patients/workers?

We cannot give a concrete answer to this question at this time. Outreach will come from varying levels of government, regional officials, and healthcare providers - each with different needs and resources. Please discuss any financial questions directly with your agency / provider.


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